My Handbag Wish List

I’m warning you, my hand bag wish list is quite long. Handbags have been a passion of mine for a very long time and I’m very lucky to have already created a collection that I love so much but if you are a fellow handbag lover you’ll understand there is always another one (or maybe ten) you want to add to your collection. So let’s have a look at mine!

Powder Pink Studded Lambskin Supple Lady Dior

I already own the classic Lady Dior and it is actually my favourite handbag ever! So when the supple version came out I knew it would immediately be added to my VERY long handbag wish list. When you love a bag you should buy them in multiples, right? I like that this doesn’t have a zipper pull which I think is the main attraction for most of us and I think the softer look is much more casual so its a little more versatile. I actually saw a powder pink handbag which was more beige and had darker stitching with no studs. I couldn’t find a photo of it so I used the one below as it was kind of similar.



Powder Pink Studded Lambskin Diorama

This bag is a stand out, for me I particularly love the colour I have been really gravitating towards light  and pastel coloured handbags recently and this one is one of my favourites. My sister just bought one in Scarlet and I’m a tiny bit jealous (hopefully she will let me borrow it).  There are two reasons why I have been holding off purchasing this. Firstly, I don’t know which size! I like the look of the small on my frame BUT I like the functionality of the medium better as it would fit so much more. Secondly, I have a Boy Chanel and although these two bags are quite different they are still very much alike in terms of the shape and size. If you have the Diorama what are your thoughts on it?


Amaranth-Coloured Cannage Lambskin Dior Addict Flap

I’ve never really been a huge fan of the now discontinued Miss Dior handbag, I don’t know why it just didn’t appeal to me like the others. However, when I saw the revamped Dior Addict handbag I really really liked it. I love the retro looking logo and bag closure. This new colour is for Autumn 2017 and I need it. I don’t have any other colour that is even close to this and I want to make my handbag collection as colourful as possible. I think this will possibly be my next Dior purchase or maybe even my next purchase.




I know four Dior handbags on my list, I am totally obsessed! I have been lusting after this Dior and have tried it a bunch of times. I think it will be the perfect work bag. The only thing I’m not sure about is the magnetics dots that almost makes it look like a face but its still really cute so I hope to add it soon.


Fendi Peekaboo in Toffee Leather

I was a huge gossip girl fan when the show aired and recently binge watched it again and from the very beginning Blair Waldorf was always my favourite. In one particular scene she was rocking a mustard Fendi Peekaboo and it was love at first sight! I loved the shape and style of the bag! Recently, I found one on sale at David Jones and snapped it up straight away it was 50% off….but I ended up returning it, the bag just looked so sad and soft. It was kept poorly when it was displayed and I knew in the end I would find it super annoying. It still was a lot of money so I wanted to make sure I absolutely loved it. So the bag remains on my wish list for now.


Gucci Sylvie Leather Top Handle Bag

I love the shape of this bag and the simplicity! I would love this bag for work my only concern is the smooth leather will scratch so so easily and will that annoy me in the future? probably! but its so beautiful that I have to leave it on my list.


Chloe Small Nile Bracelet Bag

Now I’ll be honest when this bag first became huge on Instagram I was a little apprehensive, I still feel as if it might just be a bag that will have its moment and die out. I did try it on while browsing David Jones and surprisingly I actually really liked the look of it and I like that its got the cross body strap as well so you can go hands free.

Hermes Kelly & Constance 

The Kelly has always been my favourite Hermes handbag. Long ago when  I became VERY interested in designer handbags I always stated that I preferred the Kelly to the Birkin and that is still true today. I would love to add the Kelly Sellier to my collection in the probably very very distant future. I also love the Hermes Constance, I love the boxy shape and would also love to add it to my collection. I have not included pictures for these two bags as I could not find pictures directly from their website. 


I previously had the College bag on my wish list but I’ve swapped it over with this bag because something about this bag just looks slightly more appealing and I love the softer look of this as well as the colour. I haven’t seen this in real life though so whether it stays on my wish list is still up in the air.


Louis Vuitton Twist GM Epi

I visit the LV store quite frequently and one day I saw this displayed and decided to try it on and turns out that was a bad idea because  I fell in love with it and of course it has been added to my wish list. I like the silver hardware because it makes it a little more casual but the Epi leather still keeps it stylish enough to dress it up if you would like too.






My list is forever changing as new things get released or I slowly realise that some of the handbags are probably not practical for me. I’m excited to see in the future which handbags have been purchased, added and removed from my wish list. Only time will tell. I would love to know what’s on your wish list?


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