Floating Breakfast

I woke up at 6am in eager anticipation for my floating breakfast at 7am. I had seen many, many, many photos on instagram of beautiful images of people enjoying breakfast in the pool. I was lucky enough to have a floating breakfast in an infinity pool surrounded by the rainforest. It was so picturesque and I had such a fun time drinking my watermelon juice and eating my croissant. Its definitely an experience that should not be missed if you have the opportunity. I will admit however eating eggs with a fork and knife was somewhat tricky as my breakfast kept floating away from me which should have been expected however drinking and eating the smaller things was easy.

To set up the breakfast I had to book with concierge a few days earlier so I could get a time slot. It cost me $333,000 Rupiah which equates to roughly $30 Australian dollars, which I think was worth my money for the experience I got and not to forget the photo opportunities. For breakfast in the pool I ordered poached eggs with sausages and bacon, croissants, chocolate danishes and my favourite fresh watermelon juice which I had to choose 24 hours in advance so it was ready as soon as I got there. I only ended up eating the croissant and drinking the watermelon juice because by the time I took all my photos my eggs had gotten cold, I tried eating it but it started floating away so I gave up. I can still officially tick floating breakfast off my bucket list.

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