I have been tasked with the job to style my family home and I could not be more exited to get started on this project. I have decided I will document the entire process here on my blog. I am hoping to share the entire journey from idea creation to the completion of each room.

I am starting today by sharing my inspiration and mood board for the Guest Bedroom.


To find inspiration, the first place I go to is Pinterest. It’s my favourite spot to get ideas and group them in a way that’s easy for me to refer back to in the future. There is such a wide variety of photos, ideas and boards that you can spend hours just scrolling through. I myself make the mistake of getting on Pinterest just before bed and don’t sleep for hours! Don’t make that mistake too.

My Pinterest board below is specifically for the guest bedroom, I have pinned any photo that is giving me inspiration for the room.

Mood Board

For this room I decided to go for a terracotta, linen and wooden theme. The bedroom has wooden floors so I feel like this theme will fit perfectly.

After browsing through Pinterest and pinning any image I like, I then go on to create a mood board. This is more specific and has specific elements that I want to incorporate into the room. I really enjoy creating the mood board because I feel like this is the part where I really start to see the room coming together and how the elements are going to work with each other.

The mood board above incorporates images from Pinterest as well as art pieces that I love such as Art Boheme, which to me is simple art work that will go with the theme of the room.

The next step for me is to see which pieces I already have to work with and what additional items I need to create this space.

In my next blog post for the Guest Bedroom I will share the next step of the process with you. For now, I am signing off with some more images from my Pinterest board.


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