I’m really trying to focus more on exercising and moving my body. My initial goal is just to get moving and build up my stamina. I have set some running and fitness goals that work for me to track my progress. Eventually I want to become stronger and toned but I want to take it one step at a time. I have on many occasions gone all out but it never lasted because I was trying to do too much at the beginning instead of building up to that level. So with these goals in mind I hope to really focus on fitness in 2019. I think I might treat myself to a new set of Gym Shark gear that I have been lusting after to start the year.

If there is one thing in this world I possibly love more than handbags its chocolate! I LOVE CHOCOLATE! I can’t go a day without eating some sort of chocolate, however I really think its not good for me and is also partly responsible for my sensitive skin. So in 2019 I want to not only reduce my chocolate intake and also start eating more cleaner and healthier meals. I actually love the taste of vegetables (something that has happened over the years), my favourite drinks are actually any sort of vegetable juices so I think eating cleaner and greener will be inevitable. Not only is eating clean good for me it makes me feel so much better. Over the Christmas break I ate A LOT of unhealthy food and I have just been feeling so tired and lethargic that I’m now actually craving healthy food. So after finishing this blog post I’m heading out for a healthy salad.

I just started YouTube 2 months ago and I’ve really been enjoying the platform and the process of creating content. I really want to continue to focus on making videos that I like and enjoy. I love taking photos for Instagram and scouting out cool locations whilst I’m travelling, I really want to continue doing that too. Finally, I’ve worked really hard on my website and I really want to make sure I’m putting a lot of time and effort into making it exactly how I want it and actively keep posting new content on here too. So focusing on social media and being consistent is a goal I’m setting for myself this year.

My final resolution for the new year is to be wiser with my luxury purchases. I recently did a YouTube video about my Best and Worst Luxury Purchases and it made me realise how many items I purchase that I just don’t use. So this year I want to focus more on using my Wishlist and ensuring I only purchase items from my Wishlist. I can add items to my Wishlist but I have to make sure I go away and think about it over days, weeks or months to ensure I really want that item.


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