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I have decided that I want to make my blog more personal and share all aspects of my life. Since I started working in a corporate role I have slowly let go of maintaining my blog, Instagram and YouTube. I truly enjoy being on Social Media but I just felt like I had no time for any of it. I thought the best way to get back into blogging is to share anything and everything I am currently passionate about. I am starting it off with books!

I have been a book lover since I was a little girl (similar to my handbag obsession). I recently got back into reading and my favourite weekend hobby is to go to a bookstore and spend hours just looking through the books. My book collection has grown in the last few months from 3 books to 46! I have made a rule that I am not allowed to buy a single book until I have read 25 of them. I am on book 16 right now. I wanted to share a quick review of some the books I have read and (hopefully) have a new book review fortnightly. The books I enjoy reading are fiction, contemporary romance, thrillers but mostly just fun, lighthearted books. I don’t mind a recommendation of any genre though.

My first quick review is of the Non-Fiction book Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come by Jessica Pan. This is a story about Jessica an extreme introvert who spends a year putting herself in extreme social situations. This book captured my attention because I am literally Jessica. Socialising completely exhausts me! I am a homebody and I love spending my weekends cuddled up on the couch reading. I wanted to read this book to get some motivation to become more sociable and put myself out there in uncomfortable situations. I really enjoyed this book because it had the right amount of seriousness with a comedic touch. I felt confident that if Jessica could put herself in the most extreme situations out there I could do a little more socialising and not feel as bad about it. The activities that Jessica did were quite extreme such as participating in a stand up comedy show which I would never be able to do, but it was still interesting to read about her thought process and emotions. If you are in need of motivation to get yourself out there, I think this is a great read.

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